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Kathleen has impacted us in a powerful way. Her questions and insight, background, and experience qualify her to influence the influencers. She is calm and caring, which helps maximize her effectiveness as an executive coach. Coaching and leadership go hand in hand, and Kathleen is a rare gem of talent, experience, and heart. 


With support, encouragement, and accountability from someone who believes in you, you can do far more than you might otherwise accomplish alone.

A coach will help you stay on track, overcome obstacles, and move through barriers that have hindered you in the past, while preparing you to take action steps with courage and confidence.

If you want to:

    Become a be​​​​​tte​​​​r, more ​​​​​​​effective leader or influencer​​​​​​
    Improve your performance or be more productive
  • Make a change but are not sure where (or how) to start
  • Gain clarity or find direction
    Leverage encouragement, accountability, and a strategic sounding board

Maybe it's time you consider working with an executive coach.


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3. After the Call

You'll receive information (via email) about how you can benefit from working with a coach. Start at any time by selecting the coaching package that's right for you (again, there's no obligation).


Execuitve Coach Kathleen Goble


Working with an executive coach can help identify your hidden potential. 

Kathleen is skilled at discovering growth areas, defining objectives, identifying strengths, and achieving desired outcomes.

She coaches business leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs, and helps for-profit and non-profit organizations as a strategist, business and marketing consultant. 


What Others Say About Executive Coaching

Coaches don’t provide answers—they partner with you to help you discover solutions.

karen Zalesny

Pharmacist, Pharm.D.

Coaching with Kathleen allowed me to face a personal private situation that was not only painful but complicated. The process revealed layers I'd closed off for years. However, through coaching, I gained the courage and confidence I needed to move forward with a game plan for my life.

corey mccallum

Leadership Coach

Coaching with Kathleen was a fantastic experience. Kathleen has a unique way of bringing out the best in you. She has a calming coaching presence, which allows someone to feel extremely comfortable sharing their innermost thoughts. Kathleen's encouragement and support were the very things I needed to conquer my fear of not being enough.


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